I s ever Slept....

April 2018

I Never Slept ....


While, you were in my bed.

But I watched you, while you did.

Marvelling, at my luck.

Of your beauty, and as to why.

While your melody, 

brought forth tears.

I never knew, I had !

My heart was loath, to cry.

Emptiness,..... now fills, my soul !

As my eyes, begin, that stare.

And, I am worthless .......,

Beyond, mere words .

We eat, we drink, we fight, and we die.

And, each one of you, is my brother.

Linked by a belonging.

An eternal, warriors bond.

As love, has slipped away.

Leaving me, desolate.

I’m lost 


on the edge, of the crowd.


Giajl © Jim Love 

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