Scattered Angels

January 2018

Scattered Angels


I’ll never forget, their faces

Though blackened.


Ready, for Battle.

It’s they’re fresh faced ones.

With whom, I went to war.

Sometimes, I get lost......

And time, stands still.

While I try to gather thoughts.

Caused, by a forgotten...... emotion.

And, I’m filled with nothingness.

I’ve marched amongst. 

The legion, of the damned.

I’ve seen deaths grin.

I’ve felt, his icy fingers.

Smelled, his fetid breath.

I’ve danced, the dance.


I risked my fate, on faith.

And awesome brothers.

While Death slept.....

We rose up, to meet the dawn.

The sun shone, the the wind blew.

As a hush swept across, the valley. 

Silent figures pushing forward.

Harbingers of death.

And valkyries collected those.....

That were dead.



That lay where they fell.


Giajl © Jim Love  

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