Hēdan... The Sign’s of Trust

December 2017

Hēdan... The Sign’s of Trust


Don’t, you walk away from me.

Listen while the raindrops sing 

Just take heed, and.....run.

For I’ll break your heart, if...

You stay.

All my memories, are built from dust.

And forgotten tears.

My life’s been left in tatters, 

by all those, I once..... loved.

And the sadness, which still lingers.

Is fed from all my.... memories, 

Leaving me to wander searching, 

for a soulmate.

And all my yesterday’s echo, 

of spent passion.

And frantic bedroom trysts.

With their scent, tainted upon,

my sheets.

For not only did they crush my dreams.

They stole my heart.

There’s no ..... warmth, nor sparkle.

There’s now only..... sad, and tired eyes.

That now views life,

with sorgian 





Giajl © Jim Love  

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