I’ll Pledge My Troth.....

December 2017

I’ll Pledge My Troth.....


Life, death, pain!

Dying, slowly, bit, by bit.

I could run.....

Before, I could fly.

Feeling crushed losing you.

I’m dying from the inside, out.

I hope in life, 

I’m one, of your..... regrets.

I know, you’re one of mine.....

I’d shared my dreams.

Spoke of my hopes.

I laughed away, the hurt and pain.

Real tears 

Washed away, the...... nightmares.

And hollow now, is my heart.

My own true love.

I’ll have to tell you. 

From beyond the grave.

From within, the great hall, Valhalla. 

As doubt I’ll see you


.....Before I die 


Giajl © Jim Love  

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