Taking it Steady For ....

Taking It Steady For ....


Knees a bit rough. 

Only cause it’s cold, and it may rain.

I think I clipped it once. 

On a wall, in South Armagh. 

When I was young, and fit.

Just an odd twinge.

But it don’t match, the pain, in my back.

Where my Bergen, used to rest.

That one can be a bitch.

And there’s an ache, that ......burns.

On one shoulder, where I hit, the ground..... rather hard.

And failed to roll.

But a good landing, none the less.

For I managed, to walk away.

My feet are cold, from a wee paddle.....

Back in 82.

It was a messy job.

Mere aches of an old soldier.

Each one a lesson learned.

What’s that you say?

Tough shit old man ! .... 

You need to....speak louder son.

I’ve heard the sounds of war.

And that roaring, still fills my head.

No, I’m not waiting for my mates son.

They’re all dead.....

They’re waiting for me.

They’ve gone ahead.....

They’ve been



the FRV.....

Giajl © Jim Love

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