My Love is Merely....

September 2017

My Love is Merely....


I want to share, 

the wealth. 

And the experience, of my love.

With those, who might listen.

For my own true love, has gone.

And I now have an abundance. 

And with no one, 

who loves me to, now share.

The sense of lost longing.

Crushes my heart, and fills my head.

With a non, understanding.

And I long to be dead.

True love has no taste.

Of the mere physical. 

You only got me, in exchange. 

And I'm a Picasso, in relation......

To your beauty !

As mine 

lays neath, twisted..... amidst the oils.

A buried soul, that not all sees.

And it is



Byrgan it would seem.


Giajl © Jim Love 

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