Not For Glory

August 2017

Not For Glory 


But for, the greater good ?

When, you talk to the dead......

They have no reason, to lie.

After all, are they not already dead.

With no reward.

No profit, for them.

Their words ring, with a hollow truth.

To beguile you, from their true intent.

To create, a sense of longing.

To make you crave......

To force a want.

They invade your dreams, as you sleep.

They try to entice you.

With drink..... and drugs.

To leave the land of the living.

Best, you listen to children !

And their laughter.

Who ignore, those whispering voices.

Who yet know, no dead.

Be strong for them.

Though not.....

.....for you.

As you

Forever, will you remain. 

A ..... thief 


for you stole my heart !

Giajl © Jim Love 











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