Janus .....

August 2017

Janus .....


Watches ever while.

The weather,..... reflects my moods.

All the while, fading..... vapour trails.

Criss cross, the skies. 

Nature shares... For all to see.....


Has painted a picture, of my emotions.

My life's in the depths of the storm.

For you surely know.....

You'd burned my heart. 

While I was young. 

Only its ashes, now remain.

Had I only known..... 

That to have tasted.

Such sweet fruit, it would.

Have sour'd life.

That mere words, could taint....

All, my dreams. 

And when I awoke I realised. 

I'd become old, whilst I'd been sleeping. 


I need a mirror, to help me know.

Just who I am

I may look ahead.... but.



has my back ....?


Giajl © Jim Love 

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