Hey Sam, Play It....

July 2017

Hey Sam, Play It....


Like the worn out record, it is.

Just so you know.

It's merely,

a measurement of my life.

Luxury not being the norm.

Most of the time .....

I've slept in places.

You wouldn't house, a dog.

I've worked longer hours.

Than a Mumbai, street urchin.

All the while ..... 

dicing, with death.

Crashing, through clouds.

Whilst, I fell to earth.

Then crashing through, trees.

Dodging hot lead.


He's played, the .....joker,

over the years.

.......shot at me, .....blown me up.

Just having a bit of fun.

And how I did laugh....

And he,


smiled back.

I think, he must like me.


I'm constant player, 

in his killing games, 

......as he slices through life.

But oft, he tries.

To end the game.

To finish me.....off


Now and again, 





Giajl © Jim Love 

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