A Subtle Mood When Lost...Sometimes

A Subtle Mood When Lost...Sometimes 


I have no, aspirations.

Hopes, nor dreams.

I'll probably, just sigh.....

Forever !

I have lost, a someone.

A golden whence. 

An, unknown.

Who casts, a hollow shadow.

And leaves, a yearning, in my heart. 

A mysticism, I can not fathom.

And there's not, a single moment. 

That my thoughts, 

don't, bring you forth.

Not, if I dreamed, for a million years.

Nor slept.... forever.

I loved,...... that moment.

Where I dreamt, of love

But found death and apathy, 


I am, the unforgiven.

And my life


Is full of sadness, and a lost love.

Giajl © Jim Love

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