So Tell Me ....

So Tell Me....


How could I be lonely ?

I've got three thousand friends, plus.....

Listed, on my phone.

And they all, have my number !

Don't they...?

How could I be alone, the world is full of people..... and I see them,

sometimes smile, and say hello !

But they don't know, I'm lonely.

For, I simply smile back. 

I hear the words, on the radio.

Of a long, forgotten

When we were two, before you'd gone.

When laughter, filled the air.

Where is it now...?

Behind, closed, doors.

Footsteps echo, on cold wooden floors.

The only warmth,

through a southern window,

from frozen.....sunlight.

A dark nebula, has filled my heart, with specks of dust.

My eyes, have lost their lustre.

My soul, was stolen, by your shadow.

My love, cast adrift, amongst the stars.

My life, a hollow shell.

So tell me


How, could I ..... be lonely.....?

Giajl © Jim Love 





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