You Were The Only Love... I Ever

March 2017

You Were The Only Love... I Ever


Shed a tear for.

As now.

I cry, for those, that do not see.

I cry, for the lost, and the damned.

I cry, for you, and I cry for me.

Kiss me, a morrow.

That this night, I might dream.

Of what, it may bring.

I've already lived, beyond, Hollywood.

I've surpassed, all my dreams.

Death, had his opportunity. 

But, he passed me by.

My purpose, now lost,

in the mists, of time.

When my brothers call.

Pencil me in, I'll be there.

For there's an empty seat.

In Valhalla's Golden Hall.

And empty now is my love. 

If only, I'd ever told you.

So that'd you



Giajl © Jim Love 


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