When It Was Joyous

March 2017

When It Was Joyous 


Before... someone, 

had stolen the moon.

And now. 

I'm waiting for, the sky.... 

to fall.

Wouldst, the misty phantoms.

That occupy, that corner..... of, 

my mind.

Please leave !

My world is crumbling.

Fragmented by time.

I miss the simple words.

That once, you didst spake.

A touch, that lingered,

though you'd, long ......gone.


Beauty, of how. 

I once drank deep, and to excess.

Loves elixir, more addictive.

Than, the taste of wine.

That led, to passion ..,,,

When you, and 


Once shared the dark.

Giajl © Jim Love 



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