Sometimes It's Not Just Today, it's

December 2016

Sometimes It's Not Just Today, it's 


I know, you're not there.

But, it's doesn't change, nothing. 

I know, you can't hear me.

But the words, are still said.

I know, I can't see you.  

But my eyes, hold the memories.

There's always, forever......  

And forever, was meant.


I know, you're not there. 

But your smile, is as bright.

There's still,a light, in the darkness. 

Still, feelings ....that was felt.

I know, your not there.  

But, if I whisper, will you hear me .....

There's a forever, I'm feeling.  

A memory, to .....hold.


I know, you can't touch me.

But I feel you, all the same.  

And from that moment. 

The touch.....  

Will always, remain.

And if ever, in my anguish.

To then, stumble.  

Then, to fall ......

I will arise, from words, not spoken. 

To walk, once again.....tall.


Forever more ......

Giajl © Jim Love

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