Gone Fishing, For.....

October 2016

Gone Fishing, For.....


I'm old, with a young man's dreams.

I'm lost, amidst, the..... twilight.

I'm forgotten, neath, that lovers, moon.

My heart, longs, for lost passion. 

My soul, craves...., a lover.

I am lonely, beyond words, lonely, beyond emotion.

I have lost my loves.....

I am.....succinct, not yet laconic.

I kissed a blind woman, and.

She called, my name.

Even though I'd, never seen her before...?

But in my taste, she knew me of old.

Thus dost, she spake my name. 

My greatest words, once thoughts, were now lost.

While waiting, and with each breath,  I breathed.


I never rose above, the street, to see, the sunset, when reflected, on the glass.

Nor find that freedom.

Nor, hear the sound ......

Just looking, merely hoping.

Not touching

Play me, 

like you'd play 


a fish......

Giajl © Jim Love 



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