My Lust, Like The Tide, in Waves

October 2016

My Lust, Like The Tide, in Waves


Consumes me.

I want more, than to just..... look.

I need more, than just.....

a whimsical smile.

Misty eyes, and wistful,..... sighs.

While, thinking .......of you.

Just kiss me, and say no more.

Let me taste, your lovers ......bite.

As your darting tongue, tastes... my, love.

Let the rising passion, tremble, in your thighs.

Let me, wash your soul, with ..... waves, of emotion.

I'm trying to feed an emptiness 

All the while, your touch.....,

makes, my body ..... sing.

Beneath the calm, 

a storm 


is rippling in my veins.

Giajl © Jim Love 

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