Stealth and Killing, a Disease Spread

October 2016

Stealth and Killing, a Disease Spread 


No more, no less.

With just a nod, we were off......!

The night was dark, so black.... 

even death, couldn't find us.

Wisps, like phantoms, moved..... Greyish figures, lost in the pre dawn.

No shape, no shine, no......silhouette,  just shadows,..... wraiths, on the wind.

Behind us, 

the drumming beat, of the galloping, horsemen. 

Brief flashes split the night, as their steeds hooves,struck mortal flesh.

The scenes enacted in slow motion.

Those struck, faired..... the danse, macabre.

Their screams,.....



by the night.

Giajl © Jim Love 

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