I'm Just Sad

October 2016

I'm Just Sad 


For I've seen, too much.... shit.

To foster, your .....dreams.

I saw it rain, seven ways, to sunset .

I saw death, darken out, the sun.

I saw, the aftermath of chaos, in the pre dawn light.

I've experienced avarice, jealousy, and .....sloth.

I missed the bullets,mortars, and the fall of shot.

But your blade, struck home.

And, I couldn't see it coming.

Cause, it caught me, in the ....back.

So, listen....youth of today..... jog on!

My life's been changed forever.

All, in your name.

And all, I have left.....

Is the love, and mutual respect.



My brothers

Giajl © Jim Love 

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