Pray Ignis Fatuus, as Foolish as I Am

October 2016

Pray Ignis Fatuus, as Foolish as I Am


I'll not be back, this way again.

My path lays beyond, destiny.

So go to sleep, sweet child.

Morning will come, and I'll be gone.

Dreams fade and dreams die.

While some, never grow old, beyond the sunrise.

I was, the glimmer, in the shadows.

Today, will be liken, to yesterday. 

Like, I was never here, before.....

I'll just be, that forgotten memory.

A lost voice, just....

Talking, down the wind.

Once I was a melody, you thought, you'd heard. 

A flicker in your smile.


I'm just a little piece.

Of smoke 


a wisp....?

Giajl © Jim Love 


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