I Know the Colour of My Wing, is

August 2016

I Know the Colour of My Wings, is


Unlike, my knowledge of the skies.

I'm watching Artemis .

Waxing gibbous. 

And wishing, I could join him .

For, I know, of no need, to stay.

I'm looking, for ....... crazies .

To share, in my dream.

On a clear night, when it's full.

Heat haze, has now formed, to mist.

And clouds, have joined the earth.

We speak, of brave men's deeds.

At the setting of the sun.

While warriors, souls, form a line.

Upon, a rainbow'd bridge.

Mortals, lay asleep in their beds.

While death, stalks.....  first light.

And the moon, has changed its colour.

Silver to gold.... And now, 




Giajl © Jim Love 

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