The Rhythmic, Sinuous Wandering of

August 2016

The Rhythmic, Sinuous Wandering of


A forgotten warrior.

And if....

I could trade,my taste of death.

For the unspoken, thirst, of life....

Had I not, already drank, your aura.

And thus,knew, that I was doomed.

I'm  keeping to the shadows . 

At the setting, of the sun.

Silently, whistling, deaths.... bloody,  intro.

An old man, wandering .... lonely.

For we'd once met, and, 

we'd .... 

Once, sang a song.

Death, like this man.

Meanders ..... on his way.

Seeking out,mammalians. 

Twas' words, not deeds, 

that stopped, 




Giajl © Jim Love

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