Of Marble Stone, Copper, n Lead, and

August 2016

Of Marble Stone, Copper, n Lead, and



I was a tool of death .

A skill, I've learned, for evermore.

And so does, yet, still remain.

I've kissed, the blade.

I've pledged, my troth,


God, the devil,  n ......death !

I'm, too sad for slumber.

I'm too, lonely to sleep.

I can't rid my head,

from, that pervading scent ......

Of ... What the darkness brings...

A, prelude.... to death !

And it's stench, has filled the air.

Its sweetly ,sickly perfume.

That lingers.

That's reminiscent.... 

Of rotting flesh, of corpses.

Of the expiration of life.

Of a smell....



dead flowers.

Giajl © Jim Love

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