Half light...and

August 2016

Half light...and 


It's the last, wherein.

I'll see your face.... Before the dawn.

No words, no sound, ..... nothing ,....

C'ept a chilling death like smile.

The air, is still, and I've held 

my breath. 

Silence pervades, and still no sound.

I blend, with night, I meld with nature.

Bidden by the figure with the scythe.

Eerily like ghosts, we rise.... .

From the cold, wet ground.

Shoulders hunched, moving low.

On wards towards death ........

stealthily, we did go.

And nearily, we made it.

There's music, in the wind.....

And a sadness, in my voice.

But I'll not speak, a word.

For I t's a song, that I'll not sing.

I am, the living dead.

For my heart, is now made of stone.

I, no longer, hear ..... your words.


No longer see


That deathly grin.

Giajl © Jim Love

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