In Mud and Filth We lay and..

June 2016

In Mud and Filth We lay and..


To be proud of someone .

You need to know,what they've done!

As the horsemen of the apocalypse waited.....

A warriors heart, from another time... Lay dormant.

Trying, to make sense, of earthly, realities.

Like a dog.....

That's caught, a scent..... on the wind.

It sparked.

While they spoke in Sogdian.

They smiled, that macabre grin. 

With a Fibonacci rose, upon .....

their chests.

Skeletal mounts, pawed the ground,

biding..... their time.

Their riders grotesque laugh, cut across the wind.

And sent a shiver, down the spine.

Of every man.

And still....



waited..... For the dawn.

Giajl © Jim Love 

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