Mordacity, as the Innocent Lay,

June 2016

Mordacity, as the  Innocent Lay,



It's no longer in my nature.

Petty things, that is.

I still know, anger, and ..... upset.


to a much lesser, degree.

I think, being ...surrounded by, death.

And, the dying.

Does that to you.

I hold no grudges, I bear... none, malice.

When there are those,who have paid.

The ultimate price.

Mere actions, trite words n deeds.

With deaths preference, unknown as.

How..... and whom, and when, 

he chooses.

Live, and let live, I say.

It's easier, to forgive, and ignore.

And so say...... my fallen.



Angelic, as they sleep

Giajl © Jim Love 

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