Will We Meet Again, Before I Cross

January 2016

Will We Meet Again, Before I Cross


All I ever wanted, was to walk with your hand in mine.

See the sunlight, in your hair, and the sparkle, in you eyes.

Being near to someone, that you love.

Is not much to ask, god for.

I'm kicking up the autumn leaves, on a muddy country road.

Knowing that, you're somewhere, else.

Why do we always hurt, the ones, that we love ?

Now I'm too lonely, to show my love again.

The hurts too deep, and I don't want it, all happening again.

I want to sing a joyous song full of love, for it truly was,once, a wondrous thing,

that we did have.

Once upon a time, long before 


That'd rainbow bridge.

Giajl © Jim Love 

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