Life's Game, Just an Epic......

January 2016

Life's Game, Just an Epic.....


A bit of luck n love....

There's some, that...... praise women.

And laude, their

Making them, famed !

And sought, after.

While others, know not, what, is there.

And miss the moment, for a lifetime.

Depending on, what life has .....dealt.

The only constant in my life ?


Playing ......Spider Solitaire ....

on my phone!

It kept me busy, at times.

It doesn't take two.... To play.

I never really learned anything from it.

It never, managed 

to keep me out of jail.

I never won any real prizes.

But if my phone was charged....

It was there for me, the next day.

It never, let me win on purpose.

It never, let me cheat.

It let me, quit at any time.

But held my hand!

If I wanted, back the game.

Where with love.....

It was just always...... an




Giajl © Jim Love 

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