6 X 6 X 105 =

November 2015

6 X 6 X 105 =


6 in a minute, covers quite a spread.

When you hear the thump.

You know, ......they're on their way.

Whether rain, or sun, or night, or day.

You can hear it, whistle on the wind.

It sizzles, as it fizzes ....as it, 

passes..... overhead.

35lbs, of flying metal,spinning, then turning ....then dropping. 

Before the resonating crump,..... as it lands.

Lethal shrapnel, and bits ....

of molten lead.

It's death by a convention.... It's said.

A fire for effect !

It's 6 Rounds FFE


Ffs..... 6x 6x 105 = 36 n Death 


Giajl © Jim Love

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