For Harry and St George....

November 2015

For Harry and St George....


I smell the dampness of decay.

I taste the bitterness of despair.

I see no fields of glory.

Do shouts, and cries,still echo? 

From battlefields.... Or.

On streets, no longer there!

Once, I stood, proud... 

with head bowed.

Respecting those that served.

The dead, the maimed, those not..... forgotten.

Not, at least by me,or my brothers

Now I stand, my head hung in shame.

For politicians have tarnished my honour, my service, and....

All our names.

Governments, dealers of deceit,

false promises, their words and lies.

For soldiers there's no change.

Once more into the breach


"Or close the wall up with our English dead". (Shakespeare's Henry V, Act III, 1598).


Giajl © Jim Love

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