That Scarlet,Flowerś.....Spread!

October 2015

That Scarlet,Flowerś.....Spread!


Where poppy seeds lay scattered.

From the muddy fields of, south armagh....

.....the snowy vistas, of the South Atlantic.....or....

........upon the dusty, afghan plains.

Seeds trampled, by a british soldiers boot.

In that incandescent light, from falling flares.

Or the emstars green and ghostly glow.

As Gympy tracer criss crossed the night

I've seen death,take's toll.

I heard the cries, of dying men, in the darkness down below.

While the ground erupted, 

and hell spewed's shards of death.

As limbs dissolved,

in pink mists......of pain.

I'd seen a smiling lad....

Who'd never see, his loved ones, err again.

Now laying as a tangled mass

Of torn flesh, and broken bone.

Another name upon the wall.

Another sunset he'll not share, he's met his soldiers fate.

For evil men and death conspired....

In the dark, before the dawn.

While politicians talked of peace.

Our brave men and women....

Died !

A thankless death


On foreign soil.

Giajl © Jim Love 

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