Pernicious, Her Game, was,

October 2015

Pernicious, Her Game, was,


As if she knew me well..... For.

Once, wild women, stirred, 

my blood.

But now, it's stagnant, thinned.

Diluted by age, beer and wine.

I now exist.....

Only, by the love of god, and of that, of my children.

I walk alone, untouched, yet somber.  

A lost child, yet, a grown man.

Don't tell me, that you, love me......for

I'm tainted by the devils touch.

And thus, I'm cursed.

My pain, is loneliness.....

Death,..., my only reward.

A long, and lingering

And in truth



No reward at all.

Giajl © Jim Love 

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