She Turns Heads


She Turns Heads


An excerpt written by Giacomo Lawless


4th March 2015






She enters a cold embraced room, heads turn like earth on its axis, like a swift change from winter to summer.




It’s for her, it all is. The spark of ingenuity in her eyes, for seeing her pure love. Blue isn’t as captivating as it is brown. You’re drawn in, like the first word spoken in a film, alas when the first leaf falls in autumn, towards the idolism of greatness. The object of your desire, the influencer of all decision, of love and confusion.




Before you turn your head, remember that she is the reason for your existence. She forms the unspoken word in the room, the love that captivated many a heart now lie’th at your feet. The first of an equinox has started, hold your heart as it beats a peculiar rhythm and fight the heads in the room that turn for her.




Win them, Crush them, Seize her. Your world won’t be the same again.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the first excerpt I've ever produced, quite quickly in a local pub! Would love to hear any pointers.

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