If I Could


If I could...

I'd reevaluate the motives behind the choices I've made.

I'd take more risks regardless of the consequences.

I'd let every obstacle I encounter only make me stronger.

I'd walk with my head held high and not look back.

I'd stop being afraid and start living fearlessly.

If I could...

I'd let go quicker of trivial things and hold on tighter to people.

I'd take advantage of every moment by spending it with those I love.

I'd let my guard down regardless of the painful outcome.

I'd take back every unkind word I've said.

I'd forgive and forget every wrong I've been done.

If I could...

I'd give more and take less.

I'd jump higher and reach farther.

I'd look up more often to appreciate beauty.

I'd give in to love even if I get hurt.

I'd take not a single breath for granted.

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