Defective Parachute

Extended Metaphors

I'm looking over the edge.

While the rocks below are sharp,

This parachute will ease my fall.

So I jump off the ledge

To test this parachute,

To see if it can save me.

But my parachute fails to open

Because it was manufactured

With man-made philosophies.

Reliance on this parachute

Will only prove my demise,

Make me crash to the ground.

But You are watching me.

You know I am trying to rescue

Myself by trusting the world.  

So as I hit my rock bottom,  

You reach out Your hand;

You save me from this rubble.

You carry me back to the top,

But this time I will not fall

Because You are with me.

I need not look to the world

For support because they

Will always fail me.

So, from now on, I cling

To the promise You made:

Your son already took the fall.

And whenever I stumble,

You will catch me;

I will fly on Your wings.  

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