My great aunt`s house

My great aunt house is the strangest and interesting place I had visited. It is half house and the other half a church, the first floor is the place where my aunt and uncle lived and the second floor is unknown for me, I had never go upstairs. This house is located at Samora, Michoacan a very little town with almost nothing, it is the center of the town, tall and at the top it is pointed and with a bell in it. My uncle used to live there, he was a minister, but had to retire because of Alzheimer, and had many valuable possessions. Coins, paintings, old scroll and many things you wouldn’t even imagine. I remember the smell of cigarettes my aunt used to smoke, and the feeling that I just traveled time when I entered. My mom always told me about many people that tried to get into the house and steal, there was a time when a friend of my grandmother got inside to “help my great aunt” and went out with a valuable coin inside of her purse, my grandmother caught her and never spoke to her again. This house is the place where my great aunt has spent her whole life, her brother was a minister and she “had” to take care for him all the time. She never got married, never visited the world, never got to be free, all she had and all she ever knew was that house. She doesn’t know many people there, alive at least, his brother (my great uncle) is dead now, but she still lives in her house. Every time we go to visit her and try to convince her to come to Monterrey, where she at least has family, she tells us “quiero morir en mi rinconsito” which means “I want to die in my little corner”. This house means the world to my aunt, all her life she has been there, taking care of my uncle and of his valuable possessions. As I write about it I realize how sad my aunt`s life has been, alone, with no family of her own, always taking care of an old man with Alzheimer, spending his days in a chair watching “novelas”, waiting to hear orders. Maybe that house represents a little bit of happiness in her life, the plants around the house, all the old and valuable things maybe represent the only and tiny bit of happiness her life has had.

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