The volcano and the bird

Mariana Yanet

German Villacorta



Once upon a time in Cumx, an island in the middle of nowhere, there was a volcano named Ruyukapo that was inactive for many hundreds of years until one day a group of birds flied by, one of the birds, named Mr. B said to the other birds “Look what i can do” and proceed to poop into the volcano as all the birds laughed. The volcano, calmed as always told the little bird “Please don't do that again, it's disgusting”, the bird ignored him and went home. The next day the group of birds flied by again through the volcano and Mr. B he pooped one more time. “Hey, Ruyukapo, I pooped you again” as he laughed. The volcano was losing his patience and screamed to the bird “That is not funny, you better not do it again.” “What are you going to do to stop me? You can’t move.” said Mr. B. One day Mr. B had the idea to show the other birds how he bothered the volcano and how funny it was. So he invited them to fly through the volcano with him “I poop inside him and he literally can not do anything, you must try it”. He finally convinced all of the other birds to go watch him bother the volcano, everyone came, all of their friends and family were there. As they got to the volcano the volcano said: “You better not do it again, I had warned you many times”. The bird did not pay attention to the volcano`s warning and started the “show”. “Ladies and gentlemen, look what I can do, this enormous volcano can not do anything to me” said Mr.B. “Don't do it! I don't think that is a safe idea” screamed one of the birds. “Oh, no, that's impossible. This volcano has been inactive for many hundreds of years” said Mr.B. The volcano started to get angrier, becoming red. The bird was not aware of this and continued to poop, the volcano, getting more red and shaking, the other birds flew some meters away from it. Mr. B was naive to this situation and continue to bother the volcano, thinking he was harmless… Until the volcano stop shaking and erupt, vanishing the little bird. All of the other birds were surprised, the calm and peaceful volcano had made eruption and disappeared one of their friends. They flew to another island and the volcano never saw them again. The stressed and angry volcano went back to being the calm and peaceful volcano he was. Without the erupting volcano, and no more annoying birds, Cumx became the quiet island it once was.


The moral of the story is:

Don’t annoy someone to the point they lose all patience.

Don’t underestimate someone.

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