Reading books on Zen and remaining unconvinced.  The need to take a shit distracts me.  I’m gonna have to put aside the book for a moment.  Or better yet I can just take the book to the bathroom with me.  I write on the seat.  There’s no reason I can’t read on the seat.  I see no point in setting limits for myself.  Once they’re in place, they’re awfully hard to get around.  Limits are chains that enslave humanity.  Writing and reading on the seat is an act of liberation.  Forget Suffragette and all the other stuff.  Just read and write on the seat.  It will set you free, you’ll see.  It will be the dawn of a new beginning.  Try and see for yourself.  Why waste time with groaning and grunting.  Get something accomplished.  You’ll feel better after the fact.


Hence moment of Zen

Arriving on toilet seat

swift enlightenment

rising to the occasion

leap forward to transcendence



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