You want to eat like the locals when you travel.  You try to order dishes common in the country or region.  Traveling through Tbilisi was a real treat.  The cuisine is quite good.  You just have to be aware of what you may be getting yourself into.  I heard a lot of good things about Chkmerli.  This is a chicken dish with garlic. 


Scare them vampires

with garlic clogged arteries

seeping thru the skin


Of course, you also have to choose your spots.  Romping thru Old town Tbilisi, I find a good restaurant with no external signs in English.  I figure that this would be a s good a time as any to go for it.  Of course, I am just burning time as I have a plane to Kiev in less than 5 hours.  This is just eat a meal and head back to the airport.  The dish was garlicky all right.  I was greatly enjoying it but questioning what it would do to me later.  Even washing it down with khachapuri wasn’t going to save me. 


Just enough garlic

Aiming to kill vampires

Scare off would be dates


I started thinking how much the garlic would be seeping thru my skin in a couple hours.  They say it is good for cleaning out the system.  Apparently, I have a lot rotten inside me that needs to get flushed thru the skin.  I was hoping I could sleep thru the flight to avoid the obvious contemptuous glares I’d be receiving from my flight mates.  But I kept chomping away determined to finish the full flight before grabbing a cab back to the airport.  Much like farting, it’s never quite as bad when you’re the guilty culprit.  Just wash it all down with chacha and enjoy the churning in your belly.


Garlic on a flight

Someone’s gonna pay the price

noses clipped with strips



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