Yes, the times have changed much over the decades.  I remember traveling to Budapest in 1996.  This was only a few years after the Iron Curtain came down.  This was an emerging European capitol but the scars of Soviet rule still plagued the city.  There was a lot of residual poorness in plain view.


I met one rather attractive women who flirted with me a little but didn’t have any interest in me.  It turns out that she was trying to play matchmaker.  She wanted me to promise to come back to Hungary in 10 years to marry her daughter.  She was obviously under the mistaken impression that I was a wealthy American.  The proper noun was correct but the adjective was a substantial stretch.


I remember thinking “Her daughter is 10 now.  I’m 30.  In 10 years, her daughter will be 20 and I’ll be 40.  That sounds about right.”  I quietly informed her that I would give her proposal some serious consideration. 


Of course, I didn’t go back to Budapest in 10 years.  As I remain unmarried, I may have blown my last chance.  I do occasionally wonder what ever became of them.  Of course, if young Anelia grew up looking anything like her mother, she’s probably broken a few hearts along the way.


As for me,  I’m sure I will get back to Budapest someday.  It probably wouldn’t even be awkward.  If by chance, I did run across her, I doubt she’d even be aware of her mother’s proposal.  And it pains me to say it but if she did know she probably wouldn’t be too upset with the outcome.



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