New books; train ride; V-8 walk; the day is over.  The clear thought of time passed through. Wilted flowers prance in Autumn wind while the death of Aphrodite was prophecized by De Sade.  Beer thrown down in whistling Indian secrecy.  The pirate ships of Amber set sail in Pacific Ocean despair.  The screams of women echo across morning.  Steadfast we watch and witness birth.  The violent ejection of life into space. . .guessing game aside we are bewildered.  It does not ever reach a climax. . .just continues along in horizontal movement. . .the youngling sapped of strength.  Hidden purpose of intent underlying passive emissions into air.  Cool, bewildering the spell of Goddess over the dense brown soil of the Earth.  It is matter and dust from which I rise.  I am alive—the breath is still flowing within me.








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