she said she wanted

the edge;

she needed the edge

and she was willing

to fuck insanity personified

to get it


and now that’s saying a lot—

an awful lot

it’s the price that

not too many are willing to pay

she said she wasn’t

hungry enough;

wasn’t crazed enough


and she said that

she needed to burn

she needed to feel the fire

of inspired chaos

the flames did flicker

it were lit up


and she jumped on it

she fanned that fire

with the intensity

of her vision and desire

which made me happy

This is, after all,

a two way street


and I feed off

of her hunger

and her fiery energy

I let the intensity

of her passion

integrate with my soul


the conquest of heaven

and Earth

is possible for two;

if not for one

and dancing on the edge

is our only way

to penetrate the barrier   


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