A storage unit

holds unneeded possessions

serving no function


a product of unyielding greed;

misguided priorities



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I always thought that too,

I always thought that too, but you wrote it. Totally agree. Solid!

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that's why I say keep

that's why I say keep writing.  that way you can beat the next writer to the punch.  gracias amigo

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Brings back memories

Generally speaking you are right. However, the only time I have used a storage unit was when I downsized from a house into an apartment. The original move fell through, so I found myself temporarily homeless! I had to move into a hotel (and put most of my belongings into storage) until I managed to find another apartment! Even then I didn't have room for everything in my new apartment, so some of the stored stuff went to a charity shop in the end. I guess I did have more than I needed after all!

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there are appropirate uses

there are appropirate uses for it.  I'm really writing on a symbolic level about society as a whole.  thank you for dropping by.  Glad everything worked out well for you.


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Or maybe things necessary for a new beginning in life. It is all perception.

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true enough.  there are

true enough.  there are exceptions to every rule