Dear little brother

If I could change the hands of time

And carry you back to those days

In the endless sun that we shared

Laughter, life, love and tender youth

You know I would

If I could wash away your tears

And hold you forever so tight

That I too can taste bitter salt

As they fill your gentle blue eyes

You know I would

If I could chase away shadows

And banish those demons that hide

In the deep corners of your mind

If only I could keep you safe

You know I would

If I could cause all this pain to fade

And replace your deepest worries

Of long ago regrets, with thoughts

Of tenderness and forgiveness

You know I would

If I could walk this path with you

And place your hand in God's myself

As you take your place in heaven

Forever, dreaming of His love

You know I would

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To David, my brother, who passed away from  cancer. I miss you so much.

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