The Affair


You filled up my emptiness.

From the moment I saw you,

All my reason disappeared

And reality was lost.

I saw only your sea foam eyes

And the halo of your hair -

A long, flowing, golden mane

Fit for a Harlequinn king.

I had to touch your body,

Your soul, your youth and your mind.

But, how could I long for dreams

That should not ever be dreamed

Without breaking trust and vows

Of love, honour, to be true.

So, I dreamed of you and sighed

Each sweet time I breathed you in.

But, nothing could stop my heart.

Then you were there, as was I.

I took you so willingly.

You took  me, so willingly.

And, the dream became so real.

It was right and so were you.

In the shelter of the night,

Alone, in the dark, we loved.

My passions reeled and soared high.

I drank deeply of your wine.

You, I, in that Chevy van

In the heat of the summer.

Rising, lowering, sighing,

Whispering forbidden love

In forgotten deep places.

The moon smiled and so did I.

Then, as dreams must surely end

And the sun must always rise,

The time to face the truth stood

Beween us and I left you

Brushing tears from sea foam eyes.

I went to awaken the man

Who trusted the golden band

To cease my freedom to dream


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some dreams are not meant to ever come true. When they do, the cost of one's innocence is far too high.

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