Ode to the Canadian Mosquito


So, now, here it boils right down to this, eh?

You little bloodsucker! Ouch, watch it!! Hey!!!

Get off my back, my arms, my luscious lip!

Do I look like an airplane landing strip?

If I wanted vampires to suck my nose,

I'd hang out at night where a vampire goes.

I mind my own beeswax throughout each day,

Yet, you come seek me out like it's child's play.

I look like a dick, slapping my own ears,

Swatting at nothing, which brings out the tears.

Then I itch and scratch till sweet fresh blood flows.

Out comes the puffy old bump that follows.

Because of you, I support the great cause

That Mother Nature is not without flaws.

At night when I sleep so blissful and bare,

A feast for the beast is easily there.

And so, jack, one of us will win this game.

Do not try to hide, I know your real name.

You keep on thinking that I am free food,

Because when winter comes, you are so screwed!!!!


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is definitely just for a laugh.
Right now, the mosquito is winning the battle, but, revenge is just a season away.

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