The Continuing Story of Miss Rosetta Dove

Do you remember the tale of Miss Rosetta Dove?

She showed us the grand courage to believe in true love.

Some asked me what had followed when she walked out that day.

I give to you, these answers, in my ballad today.

She stepped out of the shadows and straight into the night.

Her soul wrapped in anguish, as she strode softly from sight.

Where to now? To the desert? To lands she did not know?

Confusion embraced her until she beheld a glow.

Deep inside it, a dark man stood, calling her by name.

You want answers, Rosetta, isn't that why you came?

Come sit down beside me and I'll impart you your fate.

How sweet life could have been without such angers and hate.

If you had married the stranger, his love would be strong.

But, so much in your life, would have been worry and wrong.

Your struggles, your hardships, all your efforts would be hard.

A life with true love, but, with little other reward.

Children will be abundant. They would grow tall and strong.

But, your strength and fresh beauty will not last very long.

So, what do you conceive in these promises, Miss Dove,

If this is the sacrifice you must pay for true love?

She turned to the stranger and a gold tear touched his heart.

How can I enlighten you? Wherever shall I start?

Breathing without love is like a well without fresh rain,

The heavens without stars or a dry barren terrain.

There are no misgivings and no question in my mind.

If you restored my glad heart, if you could be that kind,

I would take the hard journey that brings to me true love,

For this is the great courage of Miss Rosetta Dove.


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for all those wonderful people who wanted a sequal to Rosetta's life. I hope it meets your approval.

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