Memories of a Special Room


Hello, are you out there?

Excuse me, friend, if you would be so kind,

I've mislaid my mind. I can't seem to find

Where it all went.

The joyous times we spent

At the old drive - in show. Where did they go,

With kids in the back and a popcorn snack?

A Sunday drive.

We were both so alive,

With dreams to reach and God's children to teach.

A future to show and gardens to grow.

Days at the lake.

Deep words we dared to take,

A love so sweet. Such delights we did meet,

In the dark of the night, with a pillow fight.

Hearts filled with bliss.

Oh, those times I do miss.

Family days and cherished holidays.

Quick lunchtime chats and stumbling over cats.


Bearing parental stress.

Cooking, cleaning, canning. Hopes and planning.

Aging, learning, as the years were turning.

Sharing love's care.


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Life is like a house with many rooms. When one door closes, it is not necessarily forgotten.

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