La Nuit, LAmour


Sweet love, sleep this night in gentle slumber.

Run far into lush forests with brave wolves.

Caste off all concerns you may encounter.

Soar high to the heights of eagles and doves.

Be ever at peace in your tender dreams.

The heaviness of life now are all gone.

As you slumber, stilled in rest, it does seem

You challenge the stars when the day is done.

Sweet prince, I praise the creators above

That gave me this chance to lay by your side.

While you sleep the demons of life away,

My body warms you in bliss and in pride.

Beseech me, yearn for me, breathe, in the night.

I've waited so long to quench your desires.

Move me with dreams of nocturnal flight.

Heed this flesh, fill my depths with burning fires.

The day is now done. Our splendors are still.

The moon and the beasts lie sheltered in sleep.

I whisper, I love you, I always will.

My sweet prince, now sleep. Sleep softly and deep.


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There are so many poems about love. It is a subject that will always be a part of a poet's repertoire. This one is mine.

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