The Blood of the Rose


Deep within the blood that radiates from the flower,

It's simple grace dwelling among man's quest for power.

Thriving silently, slowly, out from the veins of sorrow,

Enduring today and outlasting one tomorrow.

Chasing away the harsh corruptions of pain and loss.

Standing, thriving strong, perceiving the terrible costs.

Fragrant fires breathe forth to perfect the prevailing life,

To fill a lonely heart with exhaltation, not strife.

Clinging so intensely to the devoted, black earth.

An image of enchantment, of rapture and of mirth.

A profusion of colors that challenge the rainbows,

Surviving the intensities of the wind that blows.

Adorning the existence of great poets and kings.

Bringing joy to a soul and forgiving misgivings.

Resting, nesting sweetly in the bosom of the bride,

Heeding the vow of always from the man by her side.

A hallmark to life and a symbol that life is done.

Bursting upward, wide, sending reverence to the sun.

An artist's sweet muse and a photographer's vision,

A gardener's delight and a young lover's mission.

Transforming the face of the humblest dwelling,

So intoxicating, enchanting and comforting.

For the one who spills tears knows not one tear alone flows.

Call forth the noble power of the blood of the rose!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A tribute to one of God's most beautiful creations

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