The Bride

Love Lost

She walked the holy aisle alone,

But of that she did not know.

Her eyes were on the handsome man

She cherished with all her heart.

Fragrant petals were lightly sown.

Their song played soft and low,

Veiling her childish eyes with sand

With a vow to never part.

She turned and heard her mother cry.

An act of love, nothing more.

"No need for tears, mom, all is well.

His love will ever be true."

An angel brushed her with a sigh.

"Please don't let your senses soar.

This man will take you down to hell.

He will not be true to you."

"Fly fast,elsewhere, you angel voice!

You know not of what you say!

THis man is my love, my life!

His promise is real, now fly!"

She married him through her own choice

And she mourned this vow each day.

He made her pay for being his wife.

Her sweet dreams of love did die.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This piece can only speak for itself

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